Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Requirements for Massachusetts FID Card


Resident License to Carry (LTC) Firearms
To lawfully possess a handgun, you must have a valid LTC.

Resident Firearms Identification (FID) Cards

To lawfully possess a rifle, shotgun, ammunition, or chemical propellant spray, you must possess a valid FID card.

Resident Aliens
Persons who are not citizens of the United States, and are residents of Massachusetts may not possess large capacity rifles, shotguns, handguns or non-large capacity handguns.

These persons may only possess non-large capacity rifles, shotguns, ammunition, and chemical propellant spray.

For information on how to apply for an alien license to possess a rifle or shotgun, contact the Firearms Record Bureau (FRB) at (617) 660-4780.

Non-Residents Carrying Firearms within the Commonwealth
A United States citizen who is not a resident of Lynn, Massachusetts may possess rifles, shotguns, and firearms if certain situations apply. If the situations described in the law do not apply, the non-resident citizen must apply for a temporary non-resident LTC. 

Non-Resident Aliens
The FRB may issue a Class A or Class B temporary license to carry firearms, or feeding devices, or ammunition. These licenses may be issued only to aliens who are not residents of Lynn, Massachusetts, for such purposes as firearms competitions, and may be subject to other terms and conditions.

Please call the FRB at (617) 660-4780 for more information 

Visit http://www.fidcard.net for everything you need to know about applying for a Firearm Identification in Massachusetts

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